The lodge is located in Port O'Connor at:
1402 West Olive Street
Port O'Connor TX 77982

Type your paragraph here.If you’re looking for “guide-speak, don’t come here. As a past chapter president and lifetime volunteer of CCA Texas, his commitment to marine conservation is exemplary. Instead, know that you or your client will be treated like you are his best and only customer. What a gift. And the Lodge is very comfortable, the grub is hearty, the price is right, and the camaraderie is excellent. Really appreciate the attention to detail that others might overlook.  Thanks, Dave, for ensuring a worthy adventure…every time I go!”

Bill Kinney

Director – CCA Texas STAR Tournament

El Pescador Lodge is located in Port O’Connor, Texas. This is a membership lodge but it can also accommodate corporate and individual groups. The lodge is a four bedroom, three bath bay house and is located very near the Port O’Connor Fishing Center.
The lodge specializes in fishing for trophy speckled trout and redfish with artificial bait in Port O’Connor and Matagorda Bays. Captain Dave Kveton is the full time professional guide. He runs a 24 ft El Pescador Cat with a 150 HP Yamaha.
El Pescador Boats owner Dave Kveton not only makes a fantastic fishing boat, without a doubt one of the best-built, most versatile hulls in the industry; he’s also one hell of a fisherman. (For details on the custom-made El Pescador, check the web at … when Kveton says the rigs can handle everything from “Six Inches to Sixty Fathoms,” he’s telling it like it is.) He also has a great facility in El Pescador Lodge, should you plan on visiting Port O’Connor any time soon and are looking for a great place to stay.
And to hear it be told by Larry Bozka…
With Dave’s considerable angling skills at hand along with a top-notch fishing boat, being a couple of guys who never pass up a good opportunity to get out on the water, Hall and I will join Dave after the event for a day of drifting Pass Cavallo in search of some of the area’s sizable tarpon.

Larry Bozka


I started fishing with El Pescador Lodge back in 1999 when my company signed a Corporate Membership with Dave. What started out as an annual trip with co workers has evolved into an annual membership for myself and family. Dave and his guides have become our home on the coast, between providing great lodging and great food, they all have become longtime friends. I have been able to introduce my son to wadefishing, as well as bring down family members and friends over the years. Safe to say we always have a great trip in POC at the El Pescador Lodge and have created many lifelong memories fishing with Dave and his crew.

Britt Rodgers
Austin, Texas
Managing Director
Tejas Securities Group

Just another day in paradise